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Services in our Centre.

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Children are happy when they

Overcome Difficulties

All Children Are Not the Same

Some Need An Extra Help

Timely Help Makes a Child

Ready for School

PlayMonks Readiness Academy is an initiative of LearningMonk Foundation, the sister organization of LMonk Solutions. PlayMonks helps parents by early detection of learning problems and related issues. PlayMonks Readiness Academy provides continuous support to needy children to go to mainstream schools in 1 or 2 years' time.

Services and Solutions for

Education and Corporate Sectors

Emotional and Mental Well-being
Academic performance Enhanced by

Emotional and Mental Well-being

Our school-going children face various problems. Some can’t write properly, while some can’t read or understand properly. Some other children don’t like math. Some others have problem in paying attention and keeping focus. Persuasions or punishments might not work. Because there might be genuine reasons behind these problems.

Our programs help schools and parents to manage the well-being of school children.

Employability and Soft Skills
Changing Career Landscape Demands

Employability and Soft Skills

The information age has changed career and job landscape dramatically. Correspondingly many conventional jobs have become redundant. Many jobs which didn’t exist five years ago, are now popular. It is important that our college students are equipped to acquire skills that help them find suitable careers, and contribute meaningfully to their organizations. Many studies show low levels of employability among our college students. Along with technical expertise, communication skills and soft skills are also important determinants of career success.

Employee effectiveness & Wellbeing
Successful organizations take care of

Employee effectiveness & Wellbeing

Organizations that build a lasting legacy take good care of their employees. They promote an environment that fosters proactiveness and initiative. Additionally, they help their employees challenge and rediscover themselves. More importantly, companies should realize what motivates their employees to perform, and their priorities. LMonk’s assessments and reports (standard and customized) help employers gain deep insight about individuals and teams. Assessments for,

  • Recruitment Support
  • Career development
Corporate Social Responsibility
Mental Well-being: Societal Impact through

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

LearningMonk Foundation, sister organization of LMonk, undertakes social impact projects that promote learning and mental health well-being. These projects are designed to address the less-fortunate sections of our society. We work with corporations that back CSR projects that deliver remarkable impact. LMonk’s and LearningMonk Foundation’s offerings are at the intersection of Education and Healthcare sectors. We have designed innovative programs and projects that can bring positive results for the sponsoring corporation and the intended recipients.

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My son was facing problems in his studies, and couldn’t concentrate on his studies or any other tasks. He used to be very impulsive too. He…


My daughter has been undergoing remedial training at LMonk’s Centre for the past few months. Earlier, she found it very difficult to study maths.


My daughter used to behave in socially inappropriate ways. She lacked some of the social skills. Her academic performance wasn’t…


I was really bothered because of my son’s difficulties in concentration and attention. I was referred to LMonk’s Centre by the Psychologist..


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