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LM-Plus Center for Learning Difficulties

LMonk’s LM-Plus centres (for Learning Difficulties) in Trivandrum and Kochi offer remedial training for children facing learning and attention problems. Do visit our centres for more info.

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Educational Program

A School Psychologist Program to help parents and teachers to manage learning and non-learning related (behavioural, emotional and adjustment) problems of school children.


Educational Program

An assessment and counselling program that helps students and parents to identify the right higher education streams and career planning options.


Educational Program

An assessment and orientation program that helps parents and school to understand the academic, cognitive, intelligence, social, emotional and life-skill status of school children.


Educational Program

A Psychometric assessment program that helps school management get scientific and evidence-based insight into the personality type, traits and improvement areas of each teaching and non-teaching staff member.


Educational Program

A Psychologist program for Colleges, where LMonk Solutions makes the services of a trained and qualified Psychologist available for a professional college.


Corporate Program

A recruitment support program to help companies identify the right candidate for each job. LMonk Solutions work with companies to conduct both pre-recruitment assessments and employee assessments.


Corporate Program

Program to help companies with various training needs like stress management, leadership etc. Our trained and qualified experts are .


Corporate Program

Program that help employees to improve emotional, behavioural and general well-being. Employees of various companies are encouraged to avail LMonk’s services on a subscription basis.

  • My daughter has been undergoing remedial training at LMonk's LM-Plus centre for the past few months. Earlier, she found it very difficult to study maths. Now, she is showing good improvement in learning.

    - Father of a Class 5 student

  • I was really bothered because of my son's difficulties in concentration and attention. I was referred to LMonk's LM-Plus centre by the Psychologist at her school. Thanks to experts at LM-Plus, he is now able to focus more. This is in turn helping his study and play better.

    - Mother of a Class-4 student

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LMonk is authorised by Pearson India Academy (PAI) to carry out psychometric assessments using Pearson’s tools and solutions in schools, colleges and corporates in Kerala.

Pearson is the global leader in psychometric assessments and solutions. Pearson Academy India (PAI) is the services arm of Pearson Clinical and Talent Assessment (PCTA).

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